National Cupcake Championships 2014

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award 1st  thistle & bee 

After twelve months of making cakes and cupcakes for friends and family, I decided to enter into the National Cupcake Championships. Thinking that there would be so many entries, I entered my favourite recipe and a design to compliment. I assumed (as I never win anything) that I would not hear a thing.  To my amazement, I received confirmation that I was in the finals to be held at the NEC in Birmingham on the 8th November 2014. Excitedly I spent the whole day before the event making my cakes to the best quality and design that I could and nervously took them along to the show.    I could not believe when returning to the judging tables that my entry had received '1st' place.  

My friends and family had often commented on how good my cakes looked and tasted, now I had proved myself in the professional world of cake making and designing.  So here I am now trading as 'The Rugby Cake Fairy ' for everyone to enjoy the designs and flavours that I can make for you. 

Please look through my gallery to see all the designs I have previously done and feel free to ask me for a design of your choice.