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  1. Three years ago when I started my little cake business, in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that three years on I would be making my sons wedding cake.  

    Over the time, i've been priviledged to make many wedding cakes, and although it is very important that each cake is as perfect as it can be for the special couple, there could not be any more pressure to get it right than to make 'the cake' for your son and future daughter-in-law.

    Of course it had to have that 'extra edge' so I made it 4 tiers high with diamante spacers in between to give it that extra height and 'WOW' factor.

    Being a Christmas and winter wedding, the theme was 'winter wonderland' with sparkling snowflakes, pine cones and fern leaves and diamante and special lace to match Kathryn's stunning dress. The topper was  rhinestone and cristal Mr & Mrs and snowflakes.  

    Three of the tiers were different flavours, being vanilla at the bottom, followed by salted caramel and the top two were Gin & Tonic, gin being one of Kathryn's favourite tipples. 

    To make it all extra picture perfect we had snow, and as you can see from the pictures included my proudest achievement stood tall and sparkly at the reception.

    I'm sure in the months and years to come i'll be making wedding cakes for special couples, but I doubt whether they will make me as proud as this one. 

    phil and kates wedding cake 1phil & kates wedding cake anglephil & kate cutting cakephil and kates wedding cake front
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    The first twelve months of trading as The Rugby Cake Fairy is almost here and so I thought I would give you a montage of what I personally consider my top ten cakes of the year. 

    If you think that other cakes within my reputoir deserve a top ten place, then please feel free to copy and paste the picture within this blog with the rating that you feel appropriate.

  3. The Rugby Cake Fairy is pleased to announce that she will be advertising within the new issue of the Sammie Lou Bridal Couture brochure as one of their preferred wedding cake makers.  Samples of The Rugby Cake Fairy's work is being shown at the Bridal Centre in Kilsby Lane, Hillmorton,  Rugby and if you are thinking of choosing one of Sammie's dresses, or other services, you will no doubt take afternoon tea during your consultation. This will include cake make by The Rugby Cake Fairy as a complimentary treat. 


    award 1st  thistle & bee 

    After twelve months of making cakes and cupcakes for friends and family, I decided to enter into the National Cupcake Championships. Thinking that there would be so many entries, I entered my favourite recipe and a design to compliment. I assumed (as I never win anything) that I would not hear a thing.  To my amazement, I received confirmation that I was in the finals to be held at the NEC in Birmingham on the 8th November 2014. Excitedly I spent the whole day before the event making my cakes to the best quality and design that I could and nervously took them along to the show.    I could not believe when returning to the judging tables that my entry had received '1st' place.  

    My friends and family had often commented on how good my cakes looked and tasted, now I had proved myself in the professional world of cake making and designing.  So here I am now trading as 'The Rugby Cake Fairy ' for everyone to enjoy the designs and flavours that I can make for you. 

    Please look through my gallery to see all the designs I have previously done and feel free to ask me for a design of your choice.